I Went to Catch The Gazelle

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He just wants to kiss his lover, but there is a small problem …
Deutsche Version

اون شب که باروناومد یارم لب بوم اومد

Ûn shab ke bârûn ûmad yâram lab-e bûm ûmad

That evening, when it rained, my lover came to the edge of the roof.

رفتم لبش ببوسم نازک بود و خون اومد

raftam labesh bebûsam nâzok bûd-o khûn ûmad

I went to kiss his lips, but they were sensitive and started to bleed.

خونش چکید تو باغچه یه دسته گل در اومد

khûnesh chekîd tû bâghcheh ye daste gol darûmad

His blood fell on a flower bed and a bunch of flowers [suddenly] grew out of it.

رفتم گلش بچینم پرپر شد و هوا رفت

raftam golesh bechînam parpar shod-o havâ raft

I went to pluck the flowers, but they turned into petals and flew into the sky.

رفتم پر پر بگیرم کفتر شد و رو بام رفت

raftam parpar begîram kaftar shod-o rû bâm raft

I went to catch the petals, but they turned into a pigeon that flew on top of the roof.

رفتم کفتر بگیرم ماهی شد و دریا رفت

raftam kaftar begîram mâhi shod-o daryâ raft

I went to catch the pigeon, but it turned into a fish and escaped into the sea.

رفتم ماهی بگیرم آهو شد و صحرا رفت

raftam mâhi begîram âhû shod-o sahrâ raft

I went to catch the fish, but it turned into a gazelle and ran into the desert.

رفتم آهو بگیرم ستاره شد هوا رفت

raftam âhû begîram setâre shod havâ raft

I went to catch the gazelle, but it turned into a star and flew up into the sky.

Un shab ke barun umad is an old Persian folksong. There is a nice version of it by Mohsen Namjoo.

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